The Avant Garde Cocktail Menu

Its name speaks for itself, as Baba au Rum is a place where rum-enthusiasts – as well as newcomers to the honey-hued spirit – can meet or discover over 250 rum labels, many of which are not to be found anywhere else in Europe.

This sophisticated  bar opened on a small pedestrian street in the heart of the historical centre of Athens more than six years ago and has been included among the World’s 50 Best Bars, as selected through the prestigious magazine  of  Drinks International.  The bar also won a place as one of the “10 World Best Sprit Selections” at Tales Of The Cocktail bar festival in New Orleans.

We just launched Baba’s new Avant Garde cocktail and spirit menu, influenced by futurism, modernism and conceptual arts and yeap,  there is revival,  in a contemporary independent way of the infamous milk punch  that  holds down at it, under the name of Fluxus Milk Punch.

With a Do-It-Yourself attitude of simple complexity (or complex simplicity), Spanish and Greek brandy among with Jamaican aged rum weave into exotic spices, cherries, vanilla and a low fat but rich in taste vanilla and soya milk.

Garnish with a fresh lemon/ honey biscuit and fresh cherries. Ladies and gents, Summertime is taking-it-easy time!

The new menu is an important reflection of any space that creatively incorporates elements of gastronomy. Baba Au Rum documents the unfolding of time and effort within the gastronomical context of Greece that proudly introduced the concept of Fine Drinking.

Our designer and partner is Kostas Theoharis, an artist recognised for his professional, creative and unique style. This year, Kostas received the EBGE award for his book “Athens- Old Proffesions”. His exclusive designs are handmade and acknowledged for his exceptional application of the silk screen method.

To appreciate and support Kosta’s artwork, you can purchase his custom-made postcards for Baba Au Rum and other works viewed his website:

Kostas Thoharis on working with Baba Au Rum:

“The  influence that inspired the aesthetic direction of the new Baba Au Rum menu comes  from art movements made at the beginning of the century, like Italian Futurism, Avant Garde and Dadaism. Movements that were created in the heart of Europe during the industrial revolution. We approached the menu not only as a bar menu but with the technicality and narrative aesthetic of a book being prepared to be published!”

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