World’s Best Bars 2016 selection

This is the place to taste quality cocktails blended with hand selected spirits from all over the world.

The magic lies in combining the eclectic collection brought to you directly from the people with the potions with our own organic, locally produced herbs. The spices we use also have their story to tell as they have been assembled in only the most meticulous way from our travels near and far.

We discovered the history of the cocktail that began in the 19th century. We made our own story and shared it with you. From here the future!

The Menu

At Baba Au Rum, we are known for our carefully selected variety of quality and premium spirits, with rum on the spot. Be prepared to taste unique flavours that will travel you through the history of cocktail and its different cultures.

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The Blog

An authored glimpse of historical movements, cocktail cultures and brainworks that inspire us to experiment and create flavors that engage with tradition while looking towards the future.

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